USA Wall Art

USA Wall Plaque

By Lisa Kettell

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Make Election Day less stressful w/patriotic projects to welcome guests to your house or election party! Here’s a fun USA Wall Plaque created w/Beacon Adhesives Makers Mix Concrete, Mixed Media & Power Tac Glue. Customize each one with the candidates names or write Election Day. You could even create smaller plaques to giveaway as party favors.

Lets scroll down to make one now!

USA Wall Art


USA Wall Plaque

Step One

Mix 1 cup of Makers Mix with 5 1/2 tablespoons water until the mixture resembles a cake batter consistency. Grease candy molds with oil then pour in the Makers Mix into the molds. Let set 45 minutes.



Step Two

Remove set concrete from molds, let dry another hour or two. (depending on the humidity, heat or cold in your area will determine the drying time)

Step Three

Trace various wood scraps onto scrapbook paper, cut out. Glue the scrapbook paper to the wood scraps with Mixed Media Glue, let dry.

USA Wall Art

Step Four

Paint each concrete shape using red, white and blue paints, let dry.

Step Five

Place the painted concrete shapes onto the paper lined scrap wood until you are happy with the arrangement. Glue in place with Power Tac, let dry.

USA Wall Art

USA Wall Art

These are so much fun to make and add some creativity to Election Day. Stay tuned for a few more projects today to get you inspired today.

Be Creative and Be a Beacon!


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