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Magna-Tac E645® Properties

Magna-Tac E-645® is the ideal choice for electric motor assembly as it offers high strength adhesion, thermal stability,  water and chemical resistance, superior electrical insulation properties and vibration control, and excellent impact resistance. Magna-Tac E-645® also has gap filling abilities and will not corrode sensitive components inside a sealed motor. Magna-Tac E-645® is has been used […]

Why Choose Magna-Tac E645® Over Mechanical Fastening?

Magna-Tac E-645® has distinct advantages over mechanical fastening. Due to its adhesive properties, Magna-Tac E645®: reduces weight acts as an electrical insulator stresses are more evenly distributed fatigue resistance is eliminated provides a stronger bond for similar and dissimilar substrates helps prevent corrosion can be easily automated reduces costs, effectively improving the bottom line.

Diluting Magna-Tac E645®

While it is not mandatory, MagnaTac E-645® is commonly diluted with a solvent to reduce its viscosity. This allows for easier application of the adhesive. Once part 1 and part 2 have been mixed, MagnaTac E-645® can be diluted with Cellosolve, Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK), toluene, acetone, or a 50/50 mixture of acetone and isopropyl alcohol. […]

How To Prevent Magna-Tac E645® From Flowing On OD or ID

When Magna-Tac E645® warms up to cure it becomes flowable. In certain specialized applications, some users prefer to retard the normal flowout. This can be done by partially curing the adhesive at contact pressure only for about 1/4 to 1/2 the “minimum gel time” shown in figure 1. Any of the normal time and temperature cycles […]

Best Methods Of Application – Magna-Tac E645

MAGNA-TAC E-645® is used extensively for bonding stack lamination.  To achieve maximum adhesion, make sure all surfaces are cleaned and thoroughly degreased to remove any foreign materials. Strength and chemical resistance can be improved by sandblasting or chemically treating surfaces where applicable depending upon the type of materials being bonded. Mix Parts A & B […]

Product Spotlight: Magna-Tac E-645®

One of our most in demand industrial adhesives is MAGNA-TAC E-645®, a  two-part, thermosetting epoxy that bonds stack laminations used in stators, rotors, gyros, synchros, and transformers. Magna-Tac E-645® is also used extensively as an insulating varnish for impregnating coils and small electrical equipment and as an adhesive/dielectric in magnetic accelerator units. MAGNA-TAC E-645® is […]