Mixed Media, Steampunk Hair, pic 1

Steampunk Hair

By Lisa Kettell

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So excited to share a blog post from the newest Beacon Maker, Betz Golden. This project rocks. Such a great way to recycle left over embellishments through some easy mixed media techniques. Just grab some canvas, texture mediums, paints, embellishments and Beacon Adhesives 527 adhesive.

Lets scroll on down and see how Betz made this incredible mixed media masterpiece……

Mixed Media Canvas-Steampunk Hair

By Betz Golden

Hello Mixed Media Artist, Crafters, and Paper Lovers! I am super excited to share with you a step by step of my very favorite mixed media technique. Be prepared to hear a lot of “Wow! That is amazing! You actually made that?!?!?” when people see the beautiful canvas you are going to make using Beacon 527 and your stash.

Mixed Media, Steampunk Hair, pic 1


My muse for this canvas piece was a Victorian Era Woman. When I saw this oval canvas it screamed at me that it needed to be a face.
Mixed Media, Steampunk Hair,SPC1I gathered my material by going through my stash. Part of the reason I love this art form is because it allows me to use the odds and ends from my stash. Since I knew I wanted my lady to have fabulous hair I pulled out things from my stash that were round. The colors do not matter because it is going to get covered in gesso and the more different textured items the better!


Step 1: Black Gesso a canvas and set aside to dry or use a heat gun. SPC3 SPC4Step 2:
Ink up a face stamp with white paint (you can paint one on, but I don’t have that kind of talent) and off center it in the lower corner of your canvas. The focus is the hair on this, so we need lots of room on the canvas to make it big and beautiful! I used a Jane Davenport face stamp for this and white linen paint.


Step 3:
Using Beacon 527 adhere the flat embellishments first to the canvas. I like the 527 because it is made for word, metal, and glass. It is important a strong adhesive is used because this will be a heavy piece when it is complete. Just make sure you are in a ventilated area when using 527.


Step 4:
Now adhere the next set of embellishments.

Step 5:
Add in smaller embellishments making sure to fill in the holes.

Step 6:
Go back over the canvas and fill in any spots you can with left over embellishments.

Step 7:
I added some fiber to my lady to really help drive home the fact that this was hair.

SPC10Step 8:
Mix texture sand and acrylic gel and pile randomly on canvas. You can add smaller embellishments over the new texture. This type of texture serves two purposes. First, it works as another form of glue that fits nicely around odd shaped embellishments just for a little extra piece of mind. Secondly, it adds another layer of interest and gives the hair more volume. It really needs to be over the top!

Step 9:
Once the 527 and texturized gel dries, gesso it all making sure to cover everything so it all is black from every angle.

Step 10:
Go back over the piece looking for spots that you can still see color and gesso them. It is best if you let it dry over night, but if you are not patient (like me) you can use a heat gun on it. However, it will not be entirely dry to the point that it has “cured” until the next morning.

SPC14Step 11:
Take a bronze metallic paint and dip just the tip of a brush in it.

Step 12:
On your craft mat or piece of scratch paper brush off as much of the paint as you can. You are going to want to dry brush this on, so it is important there is not much paint on the brush.

SPC16Step 13:
With a light touch brush over the canvas. You don’t want to use a heavy hand otherwise it will not highlight the texture. Repeat this process until you get the desired effect.

Step 14:
I thought the white paint on the lady’s face was to drastic so I added a little emerald green metallic paint to her eyes and a soft pink to her lips. I then went over her face with a sponge applicator and Vintage Photo Distress Ink.

I really liked how it aged her face and allowed the focus to be on her big beautiful bronzed hair!
Mixed Media, Steampunk Hair, pic 1I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and make a similar piece!
Until Next Time – Happy Crafting!
~Betz Golden

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  1. Linda Israel Reply February 23, 2017 at 6:10 pm

    Great Job on this one. Loved the tutorial. Gave me some ideas to use up some of the odd bits and pieces I have in my stash. Thanks for sharing this one Betz.


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