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Sunny Sunflower Frame
Level: Moderate


5” X 7” unfinished wood frame, or any size you prefer
Flat white spray paint
Decorative ric rack of your choice & color
Contrasting ribbon
Paper or fabric sunflowers
Scissors, ruler

Sunny Sunflower Frame

Spray paint front of wood frame with white paint until coated. Let dry.


Measure lengths of the contrasting ribbon to the inner measurements of the frame. Cut 4 lengths, two for the long side of the frame and two for the shorter side.


Using FABRI-TAC, glue ribbon as close to the opening as possible to create a border, extending ribbon a bit into the opening as in the photo.


Cut lengths of ric rack approximately ½” longer on top and bottom than the side you’re gluing.


Starting from the inner opening and slightly overlapping ric rack onto contrasting ribbon, glue first piece of ric rack onto long side frame, extending approximate ¾” on top & bottom.


Continue gluing ric rack in straight rows along one side of the frame, slightly overlapping previous row, until entire side is covered to the edge of the frame.


Repeat on other long side of the frame until completely covered. Fold over all the ric rack edges that are sticking up on the top & bottom of the side and glue into place on the unfinished side of the frame.


Cut & glue ric rack along the shorter sides of the frame, repeating above process until entire frame is covered. Glue ric rack edges to unfinished side of frame.


Glue sunflowers to corners where the ric rack rows converge as in photo. Let dry.

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