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Pumpkin Treat HolderPumpkin Treat Holder
Level: Easy


Craft foam sheets in orange, yellow, green & brown
• Orange acrylic paint
• Two 18mm moveable eyes

5/8” black check ribbon, 13 ½” length
3/8” green grosgrain ribbon, 10” length
Black permanent fine tip marker
Three ½” green buttons
Two 5/8” green buttons
Scissors, sponge, ruler

1. Print pattern and cut out each section. Trace each onto craft foam as follows: brown for the stem, green for the leaves, yellow for the eyes, nose & mouth, and orange for pumpkin and pocket.
2. Using a damp sponge, sponge paint the front and back of the pumpkin and one side of the pocket with the orange paint. Let dry.
3. Draw lines around both sides of the pumpkin, pocket, eyes, nose, mouth, leaves & stem with the fine tip marker.
4. Glue the pocket to back of the pumpkin leaving the top of the pocket unglued. Following the directions for CRAFTFOAM GLUE, glue on the eyes, nose, mouth, stem & leaves as in the photo.
5. Glue on the moveable eyes with GEM-TAC and the 5/8” green buttons at the corners of the mouth and the ½” green buttons on the leaves as in the photo.
6. Glue black checked ribbon to the back of the pumpkin and the black buttons onto the ends of the ribbon with GEM-TAC.
7. Make a bow with the green ribbon, cutting the ends at an angle and glue bow onto the leaves with GEM-TAC as in photo.

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Click HERE for a print friendly page of the Pumpkin Pattern.
Designer: Helen L. Rafson
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