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Fall Season Cards
Level: Easy

Materials for AUTUMN CARD

7” X 10” piece of sage colored cardstock
Purple and orange cardstock
Pumpkin embellishment and buttons
Deckle edged scissors
Small letter punch
Decorative paper with diamonds or another appropriate print.
Brown chalk
Bold folder tool, rule, paper cutter, scissors, pencil

Fall Season Cards

Materials for FALL LEAF CARD

5” X 7” blank white card
Decorative brown paper (example has white dots, but any paper will do)
Burnt orange cardstock
Decorative paper with large leaf design to cut out
Fiber ribbon or any looser weave ribbon
Gold microbeads
Ruler, paper cutter, scissors, pencil

Materials for GIVE THANKS CARD

5” X 7” blank white card
Orange & purple cardstock
Gold 1” stick-on letters
Gold metallic paper
Assorted seed and bugle beads in gold, amber, & orange.
Printed decorative paper with a large leaf design, if possible, or other similar paper.
Bone folder, ruler, paper cutter, scissors, pencil

Instructions for AUTUMN CARD:
1. Fold the sage cardstock in half to form a card. Use the bone folder to get a sharp crease.
2. Use a paper cutter to cut a 3 ½” X 4” rectangle from decorative paper and glue to front of the card with ZIP DRY.
3. Cut strips of purple cardstock ½” wide to fit around the perimeter of the decorative paper. Use deckle scissors to trim one edge. Glue over the decorative paper with ZIP DRY.
4. Cut a 1 ½” square of orange paper for the pumpkin area. Use deckle scissors to cut around the edges. Add some brown chalk to the edges with your fingers. Glue pumpkin embellishments to the center of the square with ZIP DRY and then glue pumpkin card to the center of the decorative paper as in photo.
5. Cut a strip of decorative paper 1 ½” X 4” long and glue to bottom front of card.
6. Cut another strip of purple cardstock a bit smaller, trimming edges with deckle scissors. Glue to decorative paper.
7. Punch out the word AUTUMN (or use self-stick letters) out of orange paper. Cut message strip slightly smaller than the purple cardstock. Use deckle scissors to trim around edges, rubbing brown chalk to antique edges and glue onto the purple paper.

Instructions for FALL LEAF CARD:
1. Cut a rectangle of orange cardstock to fit inside the card. Glue in place using ZIP DRY.
2. Cut a piece of brown paper to fit on the front of the card and glue with ZIP DRY. Cut a length of ribbon and lay it diagonally across the brown paper as seen in the photo. Glue in place, trimming excess from fold and edge of the card.
3. Measure 2” in from the right side of the card with ruler and make a line with a pencil from that point to the upper corner of the fold. Cut a diagonal line with scissors just on the card front so that the inner orange paper shows through.
4. Cut out three different types of leaves from the decorative paper and glue each to another piece of orange cardstock to make a sturdier leaf.
5. Carefully apply a line of ZIP DRY to the edges of the leaves and along the vein areas. Immediately pour on the gold beads. Let them dry and shake off excess beads.
6. Glue the leaves in place on the card with one of the leaves over the cut edge as seen in the photo.

Instructions for GIVE THANKS CARD:
1. Cut a piece of orange cardstock large enough to fit over the front of the card and glue in place with ZIP DRY.
2. Measure and cut two rectangles from the gold paper. Cut one 3” X 2” and the other 5” X 2”.
3. Measure and cut two rectangles 1 ½” X 2 ½” and 1 ½” X 4 ½” from the purple cardstock. Glue the small purple rectangle to the small gold rectangle and the large purple rectangle to the large gold rectangle.
4. Peel and stick the word GIVE on the small rectangle and the word THANKS on the large rectangle and glue in place as in the photo with ZIP DRY.
5. Cut out two leaves from the decorative leaf paper and glue onto the gold paper. Cut around the leaves leaving at least a ¼”gold border. Glue onto card as seen in the photo.
6. Run a bead of ZIP DRY randomly onto card a section at a time and sprinkle beads into glue. Shakes off excess and let dry.

Designer: Sandy Rollinger
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