Magna-Tac M666 - Equal mix, medium viscosity formulated epoxy system. Bonds rigid expanded plastic foams to metal, plywood, cab, and other materials. Fully-cured bonds experience excellent resistance to galvanic actions, most chemicals, acids and alkalis. Recommended for fabrication of sandwich panels.

 Magna-Tac M648T - 100% reactive, two component, formulated epoxy adhesive designed for bonding all metals to other rigid materials such as glass, ceramics, plastics, plastic foams, and structural laminates. resistant to environmental conditions. When used with CH-8, the epoxy conforms to US Army electronics command drawing SM867398. 

 Magna-Tac A-39 - Paste consistency metal to metal structural epoxy which conforms to MMM-A-134 Type I. Room or elevated temperature cure. Once cured, Magna-Tac A-39 displays high temperature shear strength resistance to temperature of up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. 

 Magna-Tac M-24 - Fabric to metal versatile epoxy with excellent peel strength. Conforms to Bell Helicopter and Augusta aviation requirements for aircraft insulation. Federal Stock Number 8040-00181-7784.


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