Beacon Adhesives CHA 2017

Makers Gonna Make

By Lisa Kettell

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Beacon CHA 2017

Susan, Lisa (w/Power Tac), Laura, Dawn, Katie, Natalie, Midge and Madge at Beacon Booth having Fun!

Finally home from another incredible CHA show which was held in Phoenix, Arizona and creatively called: Creativation 2017. Moving forward the organization has changed the name to AFCI which stands for Association For Creative Industries and will be held in Phoenix for the next few years. Very exciting for sure.

If you were lucky enough to swing by our booth then you had the chance to play and create with some of our makers and special guests. Their make and takes were just too fun. For those who couldn’t attend we are sharing a series of Booth highlights and videos just for you.

Beacon CHA 2017

Sampling of the make and takes at our booth!

The next series of photos are additional highlights from Friday-Monday at our booth with old friends, new friends and supporters of Beacon Adhesives. The captions say it all.

Beacon CHA 2017

Natalie of Fern and Maple making magic at her Beacon Adhesives make and take.


Beacon CHA 2017

Midge and Madge are mingling with this crew at their Beacon make and take. So much fun!

Beacon CHA 2017

Christie, Ritzy Parties getting serious at her Beacon Make and Take! Lots of fun in this photo!

Beacon CHA 2017

Laura, Dude That’s So Dope, was in the house making the craziest and coolest pins. Pin lovers everywhere were flocking to this!  

Beacon CHA 2017

Erin, Scraps of Reflections was making a series of planner clips and magnets at the Beacon booth. Just to fun!

Beacon CHA 2017

So glad Katie and Rina came by to play with our latest product, Druzy Paste!

Come back Wednesday for more show highlights from Beacon Adhesives and friends. See you soon and remember, Makers Are Gonna Make!


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