Magna-Tac E645® Properties

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Magna-Tac E-645® is the ideal choice for electric motor assembly as it offers high strength adhesion, thermal stability,  water and chemical resistance, superior electrical insulation properties and vibration control, and excellent impact resistance.

Magna-Tac E-645® also has gap filling abilities and will not corrode sensitive components inside a sealed motor.

Magna-Tac E-645® is has been used extensively by the electric motor industry as the “tried & true” adhesive for many years and has proven to be 100% reliable and effective, easily making it an industry choice as compared to many other types of glues that don’t perform as well or as consistently.

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  1. Odis Kerbow Reply January 11, 2017 at 8:18 pm

    I am in need of a bonding agent to fasten a small coil to an aluminum substrate. I appears that E645 might be what I am looking for. I understand that it can be dispensed using a hypodermic needle. I need price and availability of this material.


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