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      Magnatac 809 Adhesive

Epoxy Products 

MagnaTac M24

High peel strength

MagnaTac A39

MMM-A-134 Type 1

MagnaTac BU120D

MagnaTac M-611 MMM-A-134 Type 2
MagnaTac M620 Heat Cure epoxy
MagnaTac 640 2 part Acrylic
Magna E-645 Stack Lamination
MagnaTac M648T Epoxy
MagnaTac M666 Equal Mix Epoxy
MagnaTac M688 Epoxy
MagnaTac M773 Low visc. epoxy
MagnaTac M774 construction grade epoxy
MagnaTac M775  
MagnaTac M776  
MagnaTac M777 Thixotropic Epoxy
MagnaTac 2220  

Water Based Adhesives 

MagnaTac 1026 Aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive
MagnaTac 318 Fabric adhesive, Heat Sealable
MagnaTac 4994 Adhesive for hard to bond surfaces and Vinyl
MagnaTac 809 Fabric and Bridal adhesive
MagnaTac 64 General Purpose and "all purpose" adhesive

UV Curable Products 

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 FabriTac Adhesive    Gem Tac Adhesive     Liquid Laminate 


LiquiFuse   Hold the Foam  Kids Choice Glue

Patch Attach   Stiffen Stuff         Magnatac 809 

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