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magna-tac-e645 Magna-Tac E645 Used in stators, rotors, gyros, transformers, and magnetic amplifiers. This thermosetting adhesive can also be used as an insulating varnish for impregnated coilds and small electrical equipment. View TDS View MSDS
magna-tac-e645-ep Magna-Tac E645 EP When solvent based adhesives are prohibited in a project, Magna-Tac E645 EP is an ideal choice. This solvent free epoxy powder can be applied via spray coating. View TDS View MSDS
magna-tac-e645-aq Magna-Tac E645 AQ Another alternative to our solvent based adhesive. E645 AQ is a water based version and has the exact same properties as E645. View TDS View MSDS
magna-cryl-2464 Magna-Cryl 2464 This permanent protective coating conforms to Boeing for exposure to jet fuels and other aircraft fluids. View TDS View MSDS
magna-cryl-2510 Magna-Cryl 2510 UV curable protective insulating coating for cold rolled steel. It is scratch resistant, tough yet flexible. Electrical Insulating Material. View TDS View MSDS
Magna-Cryl 2825 UV curable wire coating. When cured it produces a highly flexible, tough film that protects copper, brass, stainless steel, nickel silver, etc. from exposure to plating baths. View TDS View MSDS
magna-tac-m773 Magna-Tac M773 Cures at room temperature to a tough, semi-rigid polymer. It has good wetting and adhesion to most surfaces and is free flowing to penetrate voids and give good air release. View TDS View MSDS
magna-tac-bu-120d Magna-Tac BU120D Is a high strength 100% reactive potting compound. It cures at either room temperature or elevated temperatures up to 400F. Ideal for high-performance applications involving the bonding of all metals and other rigid materials such as glass, ceramics & structural laminate to themselves and each other. View TDS View MSDS
magna-tac-m620 Magna-Tac M620 An easy-to-use, “no-mix”, 100% reactive, solvent free, formulated epoxy adhesive that produces high strength, structural bonds between practically any materials which can withstand a heat cure. View TDS View MSDS
magna-tac-m625 Magna-Tac M625 Low temperature epoxy adhesive. It is a high strength adhesive ideal for bonding plastics and metals. View TDS View MSDS
magna-tac-m677 Magna-Tac M677 UL94 V-0 Compliant, Flame Retardant, self-leveling, high strength, 100% reactive, room temperature curing formulated epoxy adhesive for encapsulating/potting electronic devices, bonding skins to cores, and bonding metals to metals View TDS View MSDS

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