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magna-tac-e645-ep Magna-Tac E645 Two-part, thermosetting, formulated epoxy adhesive
Bonds stack laminations used in stators, rotors, gyros, servomechanisms, synchros, transformers and magnetic amplifiers.
US Airforce DWG #X8019406 Rev E View TDS View MSDS
Manga-Tac M24 Two-Component Structural Adhesive
Used on firewalls in helicopters
Bell Spec 299-947-107 Type III Class 6
Agusta 199-05-107 type 3 Class 6
Federal Stock # 8040 00181 7784
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Magna-Tac M611 Structural Epoxy
Specifically designed for aircraft metal to metal structural epoxy.  This epoxy is solvent free and thixotropic.
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 Magna-Tac-M688 Magna-Tac M-688 Two-Part Room Temperature Curing Epoxy Adhesiv
Formulated epoxy for bonding all metals and other rigid materials (such as glass, ceramics, plastics, plastic foams and structural laminates) to themselves and to each other.
MIS – 22451
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 Magna-Tac-A39 Magna-Tac A-39 100% -solids, two-component, solvent-free, formulated epoxy adhesive in paste form
Designed for metal-to-metal applications and for bonding other rigid materials such as glass, plastics, wood and structural laminates based on glass or fiber reinforced melamine, silicone, polyester, phenolic, epoxy, etc., resins.
MMM-A-134 Type 1  View TDS View Pt. 1

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 Magna-Cryl-2464 Magna-Cryl 2464 UV Protective Coating
Providing painted and bare metal aircraft parts with a protective coating against exposure to jet fuels and other aircraft fluid
Conforms to Boeing’s BMS 1060-A  View TDS

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