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Fast Fix Repair Filler

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For further information, please contact Pete
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FOAM-TAC Superior Glue for special foams
Excellent for building or repairing remote control air planes.
Foam-safe glue bonds Depron, EPS, EPP, XPS, EPO, and many other types of foam as well as carbon fiber and wood.
Does not attack, melt or dissolve foams but holds quickly and cleanly.
Remains flexible and clear once dry, never brittle. Super strong bond is like welding the foam together.
Requires much less glue for a permanent bond than a cyanoacrylate- based glue. Won’t glue fingers together.
ALWAYS test on scrap materials first to ensure compatibility.
Surfaces must be clean, dry, and free of dust and grease.
Spread glue evenly on both sides of material to be bonded.
Allow surfaces to air dry for 10-20 minutes depending upon size of area being glued.
Press surfaces firmly together.
Maximum bond is achieved within 24 hours or less.
Always replace the flat white cap after each use to prevent product evaporation.
Do not use near any open flame or ignition source. Avoid  prolonged breather of vapors. Keep out of reach of children.
I have used Foam-Tac to repair a broken aileron and it worked beautifully. The aileron came off cleanly at the hinge point after a bad crash, and I used Foam-Tac to glue the aileron back onto the wing! This foam-safe glue is super strong, yet stays pliable, and you would never know that the aileron had ever been broken off! The jet still looks new and there was no need to mar up the finish with any hinge tape or fasteners.
Bill, Filadelfos RC
For further information, please contact Pete at (914) 664-0184 or at
All of Beacon's glues are proudly made in America.
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Beacon is not responsible for the manner in which our products are used and,
therefore, cannot guarantee results. Beacon's liability is limited to product replacement.