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How To Prevent Magna-Tac E645® From Flowing On OD or ID

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When Magna-Tac E645® warms up to cure it becomes flowable. In certain specialized applications, some users prefer to retard the normal flowout. This can be done by partially curing the adhesive at contact pressure only for about 1/4 to 1/2 the “minimum gel time” shown in figure 1. Any of the normal time and temperature cycles listed may then be used for subsequent curing…but with slightly increased pressure.



Glue Line


Minimum Gel Time Minimum cure time Maximum Cure Time
266F or 130 C 40 Min. 14 Hours none
284F or 140C 32 Min 7 Hours none
302F or 150C 20 min 4 hours none
320F or 160C 15 min 2 hours none
338F or 170C 10 min 1.5 hours none
356F or 180C 8 min 1 hour none
374F or 190C 6 min 45 min none
392F or 200C 4 min 30 min 24 hours
428F or 220C 2 min 10 min 60 min.


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