Hippie Chick Bangles

Hippie Chick Bangles

By Lisa Kettell

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We are totally crushing on a mix of 60’s and 90’s prints. The mix of these two decades can be seen in our latest project; Hippie Chick Bangles! For this set of bangles I blended 60’s flower power with bright 90’s tribal in muted pastel colors. Think of Mtv’s Downtown Julie Brown or Austin Powers. These super fun bangles will work with just about anything. All you need is some Beacon Adhesives Gem Tac, Wood Bangles, Paint and Jewelry Findings!

Customize them in colors of your choice. Add extra bling or crazy prints to the wood bangle bases. Let’s scroll down and I’ll show you how to make some of your own.

Hippie Chick Bangles


  • Beacon Adhesives Gem Tac
  • Wooden Bangle Bracelets, Thin and Wide
  • Acrylic Paints, Deco Art; Pink Explosion, Aqua Sky, Chartreuse Yellow
  • Jewelry Findings; Small Flat Gold Disks Shapes, Crusted Rhinestones, Plastic Gems-CJS Sales, NYC

hippie chick bangles

Hippie Chick Bangles

Step One

Paint each wooden bangle in colors of choice. Let Dry!

Hippie Chick Bangles

Step Two

Decide which pattern you want to decorate your painted bangles with. Then glue the embellishments to the painted bangles with Gem-Tac, let dry for an hour before wearing.

Hippie Chick Bangles

Hippie Chick Bangles


You could mix the paint w/matte medium to create a glazed effect on the bangle. Or Spray seal it with a matte sealer.

In just two easy steps a super cool bangle is formed. Wear these with everything in your wardrobe. Go dramatic with darker or bolder colors. Try coating your bangles in tiny rhinestones or painting geometric shapes on them. Oh the possibilities….

See you soon with more creative ideas.

Be Creative and Be A Beacon!


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