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Festive Skeleton Dolls

By Lisa Kettell

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No Halloween is complete without a set of Festive Skulls. I created this skull squad for my co-workers as a fun treat. These are so fast and easy to make using Dollar Store skulls, sequins, Hygloss foil paper and Beacon Adhesives Mixed Media Glue.

Let’s scroll down to make some now…..



  • Beacon Adhesives Mixed Media Glue
  • Plastic Skull Figurines, Sold as a Garland Set at Dollar Tree
  • Purple Sequins, Dollar Tree
  • Plastic Halloween Rings, Dollar Tree
  • Foil Paper, Card Stock, Hygloss Products
  • Tiny Rhinestones, Craft Store
  • Optional; Glitter, Crepe Paper

festive skeletons, Lisa Kettell

Step One

Cut a strip from foil paper measuring 2 inches wide. Then pleat the entire strip. (Remember when you made paper fans in school, same concept).

Step Two

Slightly unravel the pleated foil paper and wrap around the middle of the skeleton to form a skirt. Glue in place with Mixed Media Glue, let dry.


Festive Skeletons

Step Three

Glue sequins to the center of the skeleton, rhinestones to the ear area and the plastic Halloween rings to the head of the skeleton with more Mixed Media Glue, let dry.

festive skeletons

Finally add any extra embellishments at this point such as crepe paper, glitter or painted effects. Once done these Festive Skeletons are perfect to give away as gifts. These would also make for great Day of The Dead projects with a little paint.

Note-For the Guy Skeleton, I made a small paper top hat from card stock and foil paper.

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Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy Halloween!



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