Feathers and Fringe, Lisa Kettell

Feather and Fringe Card

By Lisa Kettell

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We can’t get enough of feathers and fringe which are still hotter then ever in crafting, home design and fashion. Today we are sharing another feather project using paper and glue, Feather and Fringe Card. These style cards are so fun to make and can be customized for any occasion. Let’s grab some Beacon Adhesives Mixed Media, Tacky and Gem Tac Glues, paper and scroll down to get started……

Feathers and Fringe, Lisa Kettell


Step One

Draw or print 4 different sizes of feather shapes onto colored card stock. Line 4 more sheets of colored card stock under the feather template sheet and cut out. This will save you time in cutting feathers.


Step Two

Fold each set of feathers in half and cut slits into all the edges to create a fringe. Then separate the paper feathers and fluff out the slits.

Step Three

Fold a piece of 12 inch by 12 inch scrapbook paper in half and cut down the center. Then cut smaller strips measuring 2 inches wide by 6 inches long and cut fringes into them. ( the ones we used are from the paper packs listed in the material list).

feathers and fringe

Step Four

Begin gluing the various cut paper fringe strips to the front of the folded 6 inch by 6inch card using mixed media glue. Cover the hold card front with various paper fringe patterns. I choose two prints.

feathers and fringe

feathers and fringe

feathers and fringe

Step Five

Cut a sentiment from one of the DCWV paper packs I choose “Kick Back and Relax” from the Coastal pack. Cut small paper feathers from scrapbook paper and glue to the back of the sentiment using mixed media glue.

feathers and fringe

feathers and fringe

Step Six

Now coat the card with Beacon Tacky Glue, sprinkle clear glitter on top, shake off excess and let dry. Finally attach small flat brass gems to each corner of the sentiment using Gem Tac.

Feathers and Fringe

Play with various paper patterns and styles. Try replacing the brass studs with rhinestones or polished cabochons. These are the perfect cards to giveaway this Thanksgiving. Add in reds, greens and golds for festive Christmas Cards.


Stay tuned for more inspirational ideas on our blog and sites. Lots of great stuff coming your way!

Be Creative and Be a Beacon!


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