Beacon Adhesives Inc.

Electrical Epoxy Adhesives

Magna-Tac E645 - A two part, formulated epoxy adhesive for bonding stack lamination in electric motors. Excellent for high temperature environments. This low viscosity and fast penetrating epoxy is easily dilutable without changing the basic properties. Conforms to US Navy drawing 2863907, US Air Force drawing X8019406 revision A, and US Army Missile Command drawing 13056636.

Magna-Tac M688 - Thixotropic epoxy. Soft and easy spreading teo-part epoxy system. Flexible yet tough with high tensile strengths. Exhibits minimal shrinkage and functions as an electrical insulating agent. When used with CH-16, conforms to US Navy drawing 2863807.

Magna-Tac BU120D - Epoxy offering moist properties after cure. Excellent where certain electrical properties between bond is required.

Magna-Tac M648T - (.pdf download) 100% reactive, two component, formulated epoxy adhesive designed for bonding all metals to other rigid materials such as glass, ceramics, plastics, plastic foams, and structural laminates. resistant to environmental conditions. When used with CH-8, the epoxy conforms to US Army electronics command drawing SM867398.

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