jennifer concrete star push pins

DIY Star Push Pins

By Lisa Kettell

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Today We would like to share a super fun and easy project; DIY Star Push Pins by Beacon Maker Jennifer Hottinger Sloan. These are the perfect accessory for your office bulletin or inspiration boards. Perfect for the to do list cork board too. They just jazz everything up.

Lets Scroll on down and see how Jennifer made these fun push pins!

jennifer concrete star push pins

DIY Star Push Pins

By Jennifer Hottinger Sloan

Recently I got a fun little bulletin board and had to make a few push pins to go with it.  I whipped up a bit of Makers Mix and put it in a chocolate Mold the shape of star.  I pushed into the back when they were poured a plastic push pin.  When they were dry I painted them with Deco Art paint once and repeated a second time.  Easy peasy….all set to post a few notes. 


Makers Mix


  1. Lightly grease the chocolate mold using oil or cooking spray. Set Aside.
  2. Mix up some Makers Mix according to package directions and pour into the chocolate mold.makers mix diy concretemakers mix diy concrete
  3. Push a plastic push pin into the back of the poured concrete, let dry.
  4. Paint the push pins in colors of choice

jennifer concrete star push pins

How fabulous was this project? We want to make a ton for our office and studio boards. If you forgot to add the push pins to the concrete after poured. Let finish drying and glue them on using Beacon Adhesives Power Tac or Quick Grip Glue!

Stay tuned for more creative ideas from the Beacon Makers and our Designer Friends!

See you soon!



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