DIY Felt Key Ring

DIY Felt Key Rings

By Lisa Kettell

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We are completely smitten over this super cool project; DIY Felt Key Rings by Beacon Maker Natalie, Fern and Maple. These key rings compliment not only keys, but hand bags, wallets and lanyards. Personalize them, give away as party favors or gifts. My favorite is the typography style.

DIY Felt Key Rings

DIY Felt Key Rings
Natalie-Fern and Maple
I recently lost my favorite key ring, argh! I love having a fun key ring cause it helps me with not losing my keys, making it more visible. Why not make a new one I thought (any excuse to play really), I am totally into fun 80’s colors at the moment, so my starting point was the color palette. I chose a selection of cute pastels colors, I also went with felt as they are nice and light as well as flexible…If I’m grabbing for them I a strange place (my keys end up in strange places) then I’m not going to cut myself on felt.
Next I took out sizzix big shot and started cutting some shapes, there are such cute dies so a lot of variety. I also grabbed some stickers and stuck them onto the felt cutting around them. Once I was done I had a good selection to work with. What I don’t use I can give to friends as gifts.
Let me show you how I pulled them together!  Here’s what you will need:
Materials & Tools:
  • Beacon Adhesives Felt Glue
  • Felt Glue
  • Key Ring
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Optional; Pom Poms, Gems or Other Decorative Items DIY Felt Key RingsDIY Felt Key Rings
1. Use a ruler to measure ¾ of an inch by 3 inches DIY Felt Key Rings
2. Cut this piece of felt
3. Fold felt over the key ring and glue the join (let dry) DIY Felt Key RingsDIY Felt Key RingsDIY Felt Key Rings
4. Line felt with Sizzix Die and roll through the Sizzix Machine following Machine Directions. DIY Felt Key Rings
5. Glue the felt strip to one of the (identical) felt shapes. Then glue the other felt shape to the other side, making sure you glue all gaps and have the felt attached to the ring contained between the 2 identical shapes. DIY Felt Key RingsDIY Felt Key RingsDIY Felt Key Rings
6. Attach any decorative item e.g. a pom.
7. Set aside to dry. This does not take long DIY Felt Key Rings
Options for making the main shape:
  • Use the Sizzix Big Shot to cut the felt letters.
  • Scissors & Stickers (sticker onto felt, cut around sticker)
  • Pencil & Scissors(draw image & cut around)

DIY Felt Key RingsDIY Felt Key RingsDIY Felt Key RingsDIY Felt Key RingsDIY Felt Key RingsDIY Felt Key Rings

DECORATIONS– Decorate any other way you would like too. Use markers to draw on them. You can glue fabric or gems to them or more felt shapes.
DIY Felt Key Rings
Lastly attach the ring to your keys and enjoy!

Are you ready to make a ton of these? Stay tuned for more creative ideas from our Beacon Makers and In House Team! Remember; Be Creative and Be A Beacon!

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