DIY BoHo Bands

DIY BoHo Bands

By Lisa Kettell

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Whether you are traveling to the beach, a wedding, shower or jamming and glamming at Coachella, BoHo bands make a nice addition to your outfit. They are uber easy to make and you only need a few simple supplies. Find a basic 1/2 thick elastic head band. The larger the size the better. This will prevent the band from being too tight around your head. Then grab some pretty craft flowers, wire cutters and Beacon Adhesives Mixed Media Glue. For added sparkleĀ use sequins and rhinestones.

Let’s get started on a BoHo adventure and make one or two or three now.

DIY BoHo Bands


  • Mixed Media Glue, Beacon Adhesives
  • 1/2 Inch Wide Elastic Head Band or strip of ribbon
  • Craft Flowers
  • Strong Scissors or Wire Cutters
  • Clothespins
  • Optional; Sequins, Rhinestones


Step One

Remove the flowers from their stems. Clip off the excess plastic from the flowers using scissors or wire cutters.

DIY BoHo Bands

Step Two

Begin arranging the flowers around the headband. Glue in place with Mixed Media Glue.

DIY BoHo Bands

DIY BoHo Bands

DIY BoHo Bands

Step Three

Hold the flowers in place with a clothespin until set. About 2 minutes.

DIY BoHo Bands

Step Four

Once the glue is dried, remove the clothespins and add any extra embellishments.

DIY BoHo Bands

Your new BoHo band is ready to wear. Head to your fave event, festival or night out wearing your new fun accessory. This is a great project to do for a Bachelorette Party or Girls Night Out. Use any colors or flower styles to fit your theme and wardrobe.

Come back for more creative projects!

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