Bonds, coats and seals in one easy step.
Perfect for laminating fabrics, paper, napkins, color photocopies, lace and trims, prints onto almost any smooth surface such as glass, wood, metal, plaster, terra cotta, and most plastics, etc.
Dries crystal clear with a glossy shine.
Create decorative glass plates, vases, lamps, frames, pottery, furniture, mailboxes, mirrors, baskets, candle holders, and many other home décor items.
Non-toxic, dries quickly without stickiness, and cleans-up fast with soap and water. Dried Liquid Laminate can be removed with ammonia or alcohol.
Always pre-wash fabrics as most fabrics contain a sizing which acts as a barrier. Fabrics with metallic highlights should be washed twice.
Water and UV light resistant when multiple coats are applied; always wash decorative items by hand.
Surfaces should be clean, dust-free and dry for perfect results.
Avoid bubbles by not exerting too much pressure when brushing Liquid Laminate on surfaces.
Only use bristle brushes as foam brushes create more bubbles. Pre-moistening brush with a little water (just until damp) can also eliminate excessive bubbling.
Add multiple coats for extra protection and shine; too many coats will cause stress fractures in dried laminate
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