DAZZLE-TAC Jewlery Glue
An extra strong, permanent glue for base metals, semi-precious stones, glass, beads, bone, mirrors, wire, mosaics & more.
Convenient nozzle tip for precise application.
Quick grab for immediate hold; always flexible and never brittle.
Dries crystal clear; water proof and UV resistant for greater durability.
Superior impact resistant formula so that stones and findings stay put.
Surfaces must always be clean and dry from dust and any residue before gluing.
Some repairs, especially fine jewelry, require the skill of a professional jeweler.
Use sparingly as a little Dazzle-Tac goes a long way and too much can result in oozing.
Allow at least 24 hours for glue to permanently dry; bond will increase in strength over time.
If possible, test on scrap materials first to ensure compatibility.
Do not steam-clean glued jewelry.
Never use varnished furniture as a work surface and always protect any area in which you are gluing.
Minimize stringing by applying a small amount of petroleum jelly to nozzle tip.
Suitable for some plastics but shiny plastics may need light sanding to improve adhesion.
For tiny stones or wire, apply glue with a toothpick, opened paper clip, wooden skewer, or any other small, pointed applicator.
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