Best Methods Of Application – Magna-Tac E645

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MAGNA-TAC E-645® is used extensively for bonding stack lamination.  To achieve maximum adhesion, make sure all surfaces are cleaned and thoroughly degreased to remove any foreign materials. Strength and chemical resistance can be improved by sandblasting or chemically treating surfaces where applicable depending upon the type of materials being bonded.

Mix Parts A & B in correct proportions as indicated on the technical data sheet. Adjust viscosity as recommended.


  1. COIL OR STACK & VACUUM IMPREGNATE: Stack cleaned metal in flat sheets separated on a mandrel or in coils. In a pot or kettle, under vacuum, remove all trapped air. Pressure-force adhesives between layers. Drain. Apply vacuum to remove solvent vapors. Heat cure and cut to shape as requires.
  2. PRE-COAT, THEN STACK: Stack parts to shape and clean. Deposit a thin film of adhesives on each surface to be bonded. Dry. Store, if necessary, and then assemble into stacks and heat cure.
  3. COAT, STAMP, STACK: Spray or roll coat adhesives onto both sides of flat sheets. Dry and stamp to shape. Lay up adhesives coated laminate and heat cure.
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