Rubber Cement, Solvent, Thinner

Beacon Adhesives Launches Rubber Cement and Solvent/Thinner

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Beacon Adhesives is proud to announce a new line of products:

Premium White Rubber Cement and Premium Solvent and Thinner

Beacon is pleased to announce our brand new line of specially formulated rubber cement, solvent and thinner. We proudly manufacture our products in America to ensure the utmost quality for our consumer.

Rubber Cement, Solvent, Thinner

Beacon’s Launch of Premium Rubber Cement

Beacon’s Premium Rubber Cement is manufactured with PREMIUM NATURAL WHITE RUBBER and provides the highest quality performance and superior results. Highlights of the product below!

  • Acid-free formula never shrinks, curls, or wrinkles paper
  • Perfect for artwork, photo and photo mounting, scrapbooking, collages, cards, ribbon crafts and many other similar applications.
  • Ideal for many commercial, classroom, and home uses.
  • Available in a variety of convenient sizes from 4 Oz. bottles with a handy brush to gallon containers.




Beacon’s Premium Thinner/Solvent is formulated to thin and clean Rubber Cement as well as many other types of adhesives. Highlights of the product below!

  • Formulated to thin and clean Beacon’s Rubber Cement as well as many other types of adhesives.
  • Readily removes inks, stickers, decals, and labels from all types of non-porous surfaces.
  • Does not dissolve the majority of manufactured plastics.
  • Exceptional and easy to use cleaner for machinery.
  • Additional applications include cleaning photographs, removing postage stamps & tapes from posters & frames, cleaning printer rollers & parts, eliminating ink residue from rubber stamps, and many other practical uses.

or EMAIL Beacon Adhesives for more information.

3 Thoughts to Beacon Adhesives Launches Rubber Cement and Solvent/Thinner

  1. RALPH BALENO Reply November 19, 2016 at 4:21 pm

    Can your thinner be shipped via UPS or FedEx? Do you have any suppliers in the Rochester, NY area where I can purchase the thinner?

  2. Marika Reply December 20, 2016 at 4:05 pm

    This company has been absolutely ATROCIOUS to deal with.

    They overcharged us for their rubber cement by $10/gallon and sent us cans that were badly dented. We’ve been trying to get a representative on the line for over a month to help sort this out, and every time we make contact with someone there’s a promise to rectify the situation with no follow up.

    A lot of my designer friends who use this same product (it’s the standard glue used in latex clothing) have had similar problems. The product is OK, but I will avoid dealing with Beacon in future.

  3. Stephen Reply January 13, 2017 at 11:27 pm

    I have used Best Test Rubber Cement satisfactorily for years. I reordered Best Trst from Amazon but was shipped Beacon Rubber Cement. Has anyone had success with Beacon’s product? Has Best Trst gone out of business?


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