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Creates sparking one of a kind ornaments. Easily adds glitter to any clear glass or plastic ornament. Make beautiful decortaions for holidays and other festive occasions. Great for making unique gifts.

Materials It Bonds:
Cardboard, Craft Foam, Paper, Plastic, Wood

Crystal Clear

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Remove hanger from top of ornament. Add one tablespoon of white vinegar to one cup of warm water and pour a small amount into the ornament. Swirl around to thoroughly clean glass. Empty ornament and rinse well with warm water.
Turn ornament upside down to drain. Allow to dry.
Unscrew cap of GLITTER-IT! and pour a small amount into ornament. Swirl around to coat the entire inner surface. Add more if needed.
Drain GLITTER-IT from ornament before adding glitter. However make sure the entire inner surface is well coated with GLITTER-IT before adding glitter.
Immediately add about 1 teaspoon of fine glitter. Rotate and shake ornament until the inside of the ornament is completely covered with glitter. If necessary, add additional GLITTER-IT and glitter until all areas are covered.
Turn ornament upside down and shake away any excess glitter.
Let dry and then replace hanger.