Flip-Flop Glue

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The glue for fun and fancy flip flops. Makes decorating ordinary flip flops fast, fun, and fabulous. Customize any flipo flop with rhinestones, crystals, charms, buttons, bows, glitter, ribbons, and other decorations. Adheres to plastics and other surfaces

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1oz tubes

Materials It Bonds

Appliques, Craft work, Hems, Quilts, seams


Permanent, Dries crystal clear, Precision Tip, Non-Toxic, Never runny,

To Increase Effectiveness of Product:
Dry time depends on the type of strap surface.
• Avoid using heavy or large embellishments. Plastic straps take longest to dry.
• Don’t stretch elastic straps when applying glue.
• Avoid storing decorated flip flops in hot areas such as cars. Heat causes plastic straps to soften, loosening the bond.
• Constant movement of flip flops may loosen some embellishments. If this happens, simple re-glue.

• The Oily Feel on the Straps: Plastic, jelly type straps contain a softening agent to keep them soft and flexible. This softening agent continually oozes out of the plastic leaving an oily feeling on the surface. Even if you wash it off, it eventually oozes out again. Heat helps release the agent, so keep decorated flip flops cool.

• Can We Make It Better? Sure! Clean the strap with white vinegar before decorating. Once your flip flops are decorated, be sure to store them in a cool area when you’re not wearing them.

• Flat, Concave or Convex? The ½” wide, convex (curving down) type of strap is the most popular. When gluing stones, make sure your items are flat on the strap. The more your decoration is touching the strap, the better the bond!

• Using the Glue:  Occasionally, it may be difficult to squeeze Flip Flop Glue from the tube. During the manufacturing process, some caps are inadvertently loosened just enough to cause the glue in the tip to become a bit thicker. If you have a tube like this, simply insert a small pin and remove the clog. The glue should flow easily after that. When you squeeze the tube, ALWAYS use gentle pressure and squeeze from the bottom up. Too much pressure casues the glue to flow too freely!

• Flip flops must be clean & dry before decorating.
• Follow suggestions below for each type of embellishment.
• Let dry 24 hours before wearing. Bond strengthens over time.
• RHINESTONES: use flat-back rhinestones. Clean backs before use. Apply glue to the stone, gently position onto strap to avoid oozing. Stones larger than ¼” diameter are not recommended.
• YARNS, THREAD & RIBBONS: Place a drop of glue into the hole where the strap meets the base. Tuck fabric into hole. Wrap the strap and apply small amounts of glue to hold the fabric.
• GLITTER: Spread glue evenly on one strap at a time. Sprinkle glitter onto wet glue and let dry.