Magna-Tac 809


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Magna-Tac is the preferred adhesives amongst designers for creating clothing, costumes, hats, and more.
Given it’s premium quality this adhesives is ideal for bridal and any other special occasions
This product is the original formula since 19561 It won’t stain or soak into most fabrics.

Materials It Bonds:
Most Fabrics, Trims, Lace, Ribbons, Felt, Leather, Suede, Other Fabrics, Wood , Tile, Glass, Cardboard, Canvas, Paper

Quick drying
Crystal Clear Adhesive
Dries Crystal Clear
Water Proof
Weather proof
UVA Resistant
Non-Flammable When Dry
Shock Resistant
Flexible, Never Brittle



To Increase Product Effectiveness:
Glue dries very fast. Work in small 1-3" areas to prevent glue from drying too rapidly.
Apply a small amount of Vaseline to top of dispensing tip to reduce stringing.

To Thin:
Use acetone. Add drop by drop, stirring, until desired consistency is achieved.
To Remove:
Remove by dry cleaning
For more helpful hints on how to remove please call us at 914-699-3400