Decoupage Gloss and Sealer

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A superioir quality non-toxic white glue made with premium raw materials to create supreme tacky adhesion.Premium Tacky Glue is ideal for household, hobby, craft, and repair projects.This tichk formula grabs fast, dries clear, and cleans up easily with soap and water.

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8oz bottle, 1 Dozen

Materials It Bonds

Cardboad, Cork, Fabrics, Felt, Foam, Glitter, Paper, Paper Mache, Rubber, Wood

To Increase Product Effectiveness
Depending upon material to be sprayed, dry time is approximately 1-3 hours.
Store sprayed items flat until sealer has completely dried to avoid streaks.
Use DECOUPAGE GLOSS SEALER to seal color copies before decoupage process. To coat copies, hold bottle further away than 6” and spray very lightly. Allow to dry before moving.
After each use, rinse spray top under hot water to prevent product from drying in the nozzle. Spray is a very fine mist so cleaning between uses is important to extend the life of the sprayer

Dries fast
Dries Tack Free
Crystal Clear
Gloss Finish
Never Yellows
No strong or unpleasant odor
Acid Free