Liquid Thread

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Liquid Thread is a premium quality fabric adhesive. This “sewing machine in a bottle” is fusible when wet or dry for maximum convenience. It’s as easy to use as ironing. Adhesive can easily wash out before ironingGreat for applying foils to fabric in one quick and easy step.

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2oz bottle, 1 Dozen

Materials It Bonds

Fabrics, To: Fabrics

To Increase Product Effectiveness:
Pre-wash all fabrics to remove sizing before applying glue. Sizing prevents glue from thoroughly penetrating fibers. Some metallic threaded fabrics might require two washings.
Iron at a cotton setting for 45-60 seconds. Remember, iron temperatures can vary as much as 100 degrees.
Always use a press cloth to prevent scorching.
Glue must turn from white to clear. If glue did not bond after ironing, iron was not hot enough, heat was not applied evenly or long enough, or too much heat was applied for too long a period.

To Remove:
When wet (before ironing), Liquid Thread can be removed with water

Dries Clear
Water Proof
Dry Cleanable