Dry Clean Only

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Dry Clean Only is a premium quality fabric glue. This is the only non-removable fabric glue. It can stand up to harsh dry cleaning solvents without weakening.

Additional Information

Available in

1oz bottle, 1 Dozen

Materials It Bonds

Fabrics, To: Fabrics

Full Dry Time

48 hrs.

To Increase Product Effectiveness:
Apply glue to one side of item and place together without excess pressure. If glue seeps, soaks or stains fabric, quickly was off with water while wet.
Allow glue to dry at least 48 hours before dry cleaning.

To Remove:
DRY CLEAN ONLY ADHESIVE cannot be removed once dry! This is truly a permanent glue!

Dries Clear
Water Based
Dry Cleanable
UVA Resistant
Flexible, Never Brittle