Magna-Tac M773

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Magna-Tac M773 is a low mixed viscosity, high strength, 100% reactive, room temperature curing formulated epoxy adhesive.

Magna-Tac M773 cures at room temperature to a tough, semi-rigid polymer. It has good wetting and adhesion to most surfaces and is free flowing to penetrate voids and give good air release and a smooth high gloss surface. It has very good resistance to water, acids and bases and most organic solvents.

Adhesive Characteristic: Two Part Sprayable Equal Mix Epoxy Adhesive

Materials It Bonds: Metal, Rigid materials, Glass, Ceramics, Plastics, Plastic foams, Structural laminates

Commonly Used For: 

• Bonding a wide variety of skins to cores (expanded polystyrene foam, foamed glass, honeycomb, etc.) in the fabrication of sandwich panels.


• Bonding rigid expanded plastic foams to themselves or to metal, plywood, or other rigid materials;


• Bonding all metals and other rigid materials (such as glass, ceramics, most plastics, plastic foams, structural laminates) to themselves and to each other



Specification(s): ASTM Test D1037-55T), also given in ASTM C481, Cycle A

Available In: Quarts, Gallons

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