Magna-Tac M688

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MagnaTac M688 is a thixotropic, room-temperature curing 100% reactive, two part, formulated epoxy for bonding all metals and other rigid materials (such as glass, ceramics, plastics, plastic foams and structural laminates) to themselves and to each other. Fully cured bonds exhibit minimal shrinkage, are electrical insulators and provide excellent resistance to weather, galvanic action and most chemical, acids and alkalis.

When Mixed, Magna-Tac M688 is soft and buttery, making it extremely easy to spread smoothly and evenly. Once applied, it maintains its form and does not flow during the cure cycle. It is excellent for “poor fit” and similar void filling applications as well as where dripping or running of adhesive must be controlled.

Adhesive Characteristic: One Part Epoxy (with catalyst)

Materials It Bonds: Metal, rigid materials, Glass, Ceramics, Plastics, Plastic foams, Structural laminates

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Specification(s): MIS – 22451

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