Magna-Tac M628

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Magna-Tac M628 is an easy to handle, 100% reactive, two part, formulated epoxy adhesive which produces flexible, high strength bonds between a wide variety of materials. Coated parts may be mated without delay to cure at room temperature and do not require pressure other than that necessary to keep components in intimate contact during cure. Fully cured bonds exhibit minimal shrinkage, are electrical insulators and provide excellent resistance to weather, galvanic action and most chemical, acids and alkalis.

Adhesive Characteristic: One Part  Heat Curing Epoxy Adhesives

Commonly Used For:

  • Bonding rigid expanded plastic foams to themselves or to metal, plywood, or other rigid materials;
  • Bonding a wide variety of skins to cores (expanded polystyrene foam, foamed glass, honeycomb, etc.) in the fabrication of sandwich panels.
  • Bonding all metals and other rigid materials (such as glass, ceramics, most plastics, plastic foams, structural laminates) to themselves and to each other.
  • Ideal for impregnating fiberglass for bearings

Specification(s): N/A

Available In: Quarts, Gallons

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