Magna-Tac M620

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Magna-Tac M620 is an easy to use “no-mix”, 100% reactive, solvent free, formulated epoxy adhesive that produces high strength, structural bonds between practically any materials which can withstand a heat cure. Fully cured bonds exhibit minimal shrinkage, are electrical insulators and provide excellent resistance to weather, galvanic action and most chemical, acids and alkalis.

While Magna-Tac M620 spreads smoothly and evenly, it maintains its form once applied and does not flow during the cure cycle. It is excellent for “poor fit” and similar void-filling applications as well as where dripping or running of adhesive must be controlled.

Adhesive Characteristic: One Part Heat Cure Epoxy

Materials It Bonds: Metals, Rigid Materials

Commonly Used For: Mechanical components

Specification(s): N/A

Available In: Quarts, Gallons

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