Magna-Tac E645 EP

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Based on the original E645 formula, Beacon has created a powdered version of the solvent based adhesive. The powdered adhesive does not require a solvent and therefore is environmentally friendly and VOC compliant. Magna-Tac E645 EP can be applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat to allow it to flow and form a skin.

Materials It Bonds:
Metal – to – Metal, C5 and Oxide coated metals, Copper beryllium

Commonly Used For:
• Manufacturing motor components, including stators, rotors, gyros, servomechanisms, synchros, transformers, magnetic amplifiers
• Insulating varnish for parts, including impregnated coils and small electrical equipment
• Assembly of magnetic accelerator units, including cyclotrons, cosmotrons

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