Magna-Tac E645 AQ

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Beacon Adhesives has taken the original Magna-Tac E645 solvent based formula and created a water based version. Magna-Tac E645 AQ has equivalent properties to Magna-Tac E645 Original. It is a strong metal-to-metal adhesive. Because of its excellent mechanical strength plus its resistance to many solvents, water, atmospheric conditions and temperature changes, this adhesive is adaptable to many industrial uses. It is particularly suited to the bonding of large surface areas and mass production processing.

Adhesive Characteristic: One-Part Heat Cure Water Based Adhesive

Materials It Bonds:
Metal – to – Metal, C5 and oxide coated metals, Copper beryllium

Commonly Used For:
• Manufacturing motor components, including stators, rotors, gyros, servomechanisms, synchros, transformers, magnetic amplifiers
• Insulating varnish for parts, including impregnated coils and small electrical equipment
• Assembly of magnetic accelerator units, including cyclotrons, cosmotrons

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