Magna-Tac E645
One-Part Heat Cure Epoxy

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In Stock

Magna-Tac E645 is a two-part, thermosetting, formulated epoxy adhesive for bonding stack laminations used in stators, rotors, gyros, servomechanisms, synchros, transformers and magnetic amplifiers. It can also be used as an insulating varnish for impregnated coils and small electrical equipment. Bonding is achieved by heat. Only sufficient pressure to assure complete contact is needed.

Because so little adhesive is needed to accomplish a strong bond which resists shear stress, Magna-Tac E645 has proved practical as an adhesive/dielectric in the fabrication of magnetic accelerator units such as cyclotrons and cosmotrons.

Magna-Tac E645 is a strong metal-to-metal adhesive. Because of its excellent mechanical strength plus its resistance to many solvents, water, atmospheric conditions and temperature changes, this adhesive is adaptable to many industrial uses. It is particularly suited to the bonding of large surface areas and mass production processing.

  • Adhesive Characteristic: Two-Part Heat Cure Epoxy Adhesive
  • Materials It Protects: Metal – to – Metal, C5 and Oxide coated metals, Copper beryllium
  • Commonly Used For:
    • Manufacturing motor components, including stators, rotors, gyros, servomechanisms,
    synchros, transformers, magnetic amplifiers
    • Insulating varnish for parts, including impregnated coils and small electrical equipment
    • Assembly of magnetic accelerator units, including cyclotrons, cosmotrons
  • Specification(s): US Air Force DWG #X8019406 Rev E
  • Available In: Gallons


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