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Mickey Meshirer
Beacon Adhesives, a family owned and operated business for over 75 years, owes its impressive growth and continued success to its current CEO, Milton (Mickey) Meshirer, who developed many of Beacon’s innovative products both for industrial applications as well as for the craft market.

Mickey practically grew up in the Beacon facility when it was located on Lafayette Street in New York City. After high
school, he
Milton Meshirer
David Meshirer
decided to pursue a degree in chemistry and graduated in 1954 from Columbia University, returning to Beacon as the Research & Development chemist. Over the years, Mickey proved to be more than an excellent chemist as he combined an extensive understanding of science with a creative imagination that led to the development of many of the unique products that are still the foundation of Beacon’s business.

Originally, Beacon was a manufacturer and distributor of hat making supplies until Mickey realized that it was critical to the growth of the company to diversify. He developed an extensive line of epoxy and water-based adhesives for use in the automotive, electronic, construction, and aerospace industries. Mickey was also a leader in the development of UV adhesive technology for the printing trade and has presented many acclaimed papers at technical conferences throughout his career.

Over 300 adhesives,
one for every application

Mickey’s father, David, opened Beacon for business in 1926 at the Lafayette Street location as a supplier of stiffening agents, dyes, and lacquers to the then thriving millinery trade. Back in those days, everyone wore hats and both men and women rarely stepped outside without a hat firmly in place.

Until World War II, the American hat industry grew as did Beacon who supplied millinery materials, as shown in the advertising below, to hat makers across the country. After the war, however, hat wearing declined to the point where many previously thriving hat manufacturers disappeared.

In 1956, while Beacon’s epoxy line was rapidly growing, Mickey turned his attention to the consumer market and created Fabri-Tac, Beacon’s top selling, all-purpose adhesive for myriad craft, hobby, household, bridal, and home décor uses.

     Fabri-Tac was the first product in Beacon’s craft line and, after it’s phenomenal success, Mickey realized the tremendous demand for craft and hobby glues that would actually perform as advertised and fulfill a certain application need. Too many “craft” glues that were then being sold were thin, white glues that had no holding power and only disappointed and frustrated crafters. Mickey realized that glues should be made for specific purposes and began to formulate a range of glues for the craft market.

These products set the standard within the industry for adhesives and include Gem-Tac, Stiffen Stuff, Liquid Laminate, Kids Choice Glue, Hold the Foam, CraftFoam Glue, Quick Grip, our new paper glues, Zip Dry and Paper-Tac, and many others, all of which you will find on this website. Several of these glues have won the Craftrends Award of Excellence as the most innovative adhesives within the industry.

Beacon’s glues remain popular favorites not only with consumers, but with professional craft designers who frequently promote them on TV, in books and magazines, and on websites.  Pick up almost any craft or scrapbooking magazine and you will find several mentions of Beacon’s adhesives throughout the pages.

Mickey, with his impressive knowledge of adhesive chemistry, truly brought Beacon into a new era of expansion, one that continues today under the leadership of his son, David.

David, Beacon’s President, has spearheaded Beacon’s continued growth into the 21st Century and continues the Beacon tradition of developing only quality products that do exactly what they promise. You can always trust the Beacon on the bottle to give you  the finest glue for any application imaginable.
David Meshirer

Beacon proudly makes all of its glue in the United States at our New York facility and ships all over the world, including Asia, South America and Europe. For over 75 years, Beacon has been an innovative leader in adhesive technology and remains committed to David Meshirer’s vision of integrity and quality when he opened Beacon’s doors in 1926.

You can always trust the Beacon on the bottle to give you the finest glue for any application imaginable.

All of Beacon's glues are proudly made in America.

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