Magna-Tac M-24


Two Component Structural Adhesive



(cps)- 77F






Shelf Life

Part A See Below Red Synthetic Rubber 7.9 lbs 38% Mixed Ketone 3 Months

Part B

See Below


Synthetic Rubber

8.4 lbs

38% Mixed


3 Months

Joints made with Magna-Tac M24 have good peel, impact and shear strengths and retain a large percentage of their strength when stressed at elevated temperatures. Recommended for bonding metals, rigid plastics, ceramics, wood, and porous materials to themselves and to each other.

It is also used as a primer under Magna-Tac M611 and other Magna-Tac void filling, high-strength epoxy based adhesives where superior peel strength and resistance to weathering are required.



  • Surface Preparation: Degrease. Remove corrosion products and mold release, if any. Surfaces must be dry.


  • Mix adhesive: Stir each part well, separately. Then, accurately weigh out and mix together thoroughly 4 parts of part I and one part of Part II. The mixture has a working life of up to one month at room temperature.


  • Coating: Apply a light brush coat (2-4 dry mils or 6-15 wet mils) on each surface or apply by spray. To spray, thin MagnaTac M24 with methyl ethyl ketone to a viscosity of 26 seconds on a #4 Ford cup. Use a DeVilbiss P-MBC-510 gun, #36 air cap, FF fluid tip OR equivalent.. with 25 psi atomization pressure and 5 psi fluid pressure. Hold the gun approximately 8" from the work.


  • Drying: Dry for 1 hour at 150F.


  • Assembly & Cure: Assemble the dried parts and cure under pressure for 30-60 minutes at 325F (Glue line temperature). In general, the 60-minute cure cycle produces the best results. Use enough pressure to bring the entire bonding area into intimate contact.

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