MagnaTac 809 




MagnaTac 809 is a high quality, crystal clear glue that bonds fabrics to themselves as well as other items including fabrics, wood, metal, and more.  It is a permanent, flexible, adhesive that withstands standard machine washing.  It remains clear and flexible after it has dried.  


MagnaTac 809 is designed to hold fabric in place while it dries to a permanent adhesive.  It is formulated to avoid soaking into most fabrics. 

We are proud to say that we use the exact same formula as we did back in 1950 when Milton Meshirer,  the owner of Beacon Chemical and chief chemist, developed MagnaTac 809.

Bridal Gowns and Head Pieces  

MagnaTac 809 has been used to adhere sequins, pearls, and other accessories to bridal gown's and head piece's.  It has been used since the late 1950's for these application so we recommend it with confidence.    MagnaTac 809 does resist dry cleaning but like most adhesives, it will begin to break down during extended dry cleaning.  So, please make your dry cleaner aware that items on the bridal gown have been glued.

How to buy MagnaTac 809

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MagnaTac 809 8-ounce bottle

MagnaTac 809 4-ounce bottles

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